When leaving to go out of town the last thing that I want to be anxious about is the security of my home.  Total Home Technology from Crestron has really helped to set aside all feelings of worry when it comes to travel time.  The system lets you indulge in luxury and convenience with the single touch of a button.

The “house-off” button shuts off all lighting and AV components with just one touch, eliminating the need for me to run around the house checking every room.  On top of that, if I still feel the need to check the lights or turn one on for the yard maintenance crew I can access the system from my cell phone.  The iPhone has a simple app that allows control of the lighting and temperature settings from anywhere in the world.  Time to go home; don’t forget to set the temperature to a comfortable level!

I know that we all worry about the safety of our home while we are away.  Remote access of the Crestron system allows me to check all of the security cameras from the convenience of my laptop.  I can see every room in real-time while relaxing on the beach or in between ski runs.

Speaking of traveling, who can make it to Aspen for this summers’ JAS festivities?  One of the exciting happenings will be the education and performance benefit, JAS Candlelight Evening in Wine Country, July 17th.  The event features spirits, vineyard hors d’oeuvres, a gourmet dinner tasting, and live music from the band Vintage – 70’s funk and soul.  This year I would love to form our own table of ten on the center dance floor.  For $1,000 a ticket, who would like to join me in this rewarding and fun-filled evening?  The event is an annual fundraiser grossing over $400,000 for the education and performance programming of JAS and is held in the Greenwald Pavilion at the Aspen Meadows.  Be sure to call my office, (310)273-1855, for more information or if you are able to join me in Aspen.