As a little girl growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, my grandmother had a vegetable garden full of fresh vegetables for every meal.  When First Lady, Michelle Obama, recently developed her garden at the White House as part of her Food Education program, it brought me back to my childhood memories and inspired me to create my own.

The process has become such an enjoyable hobby and an enriching experience and…yes in some ways challenging!  After removing some unwanted rocks, dirt and weeds from my backyard hillside I prepared the garden space. I added a grow mulch and fertilizer to prepare and treat the soil. I also went as far as to add a surrounding fence (to keep out the deer and coyotes!), rustic railroad ties, and safety steps. Through all of that, I now have a wonderful vegetable and herb garden, complete with lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, lavender, parsley and more!

If you are looking for a rewarding experience, I encourage you to grow your own garden regardless of the space you have available.  It is quite amazing each day to see what started as seeds grow to mature vegetable plants, ready for picking.  It’s fantastic to be able to enjoy my fresh herbs and vegetables with friends and family!  Grandmother would be so proud.

Introducing my new vegetable garden!
We utilized a portion of our hill-side and repurposed its space and function.

I utilized a portion of my backyard hill-side and repurposed its space and function to create this enjoyable vegetable garden.

Just a few steps away form the garden lies our wine cellar.

Just a few steps away from the garden is the entrance to the wine cellar.

One of my personal favorite details, the lilly pond.

This is the far west side of the front yard and I personally love the brick work.

This is the far west side of the front yard and I personally love the brick work.

The front entrance

The dramatic entrance- I really appreciate the architect and builder of this home for their choice in a regency style, architectural details and smart exterior and interior plans.